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Hematology Cancer Consortium has been established with an objective to improve the care and outcomes of all hematological malignancies in India through multi-centric collaborative research.

Process for initiating and conducting multicentric collaborative research:

Any member center/individual can send the concept note to the Hematology Cancer Consortium ( The concept note will be sent to a screening committee for evaluation. The screening committee will communicate the decision to the investigator within 4 weeks. The investigator would then submit the full protocol with the proposed budget for peer review to the hematology cancer consortium. The peer-review will be done by the external members (internal and external). The investigator would be encouraged to contact other centers and professionals for collaboration. The consortium will maintain the database of the interested collaborators to facilitate the process. The peer review committee will give their comments / decision within 6 weeks of submission. The principal investigator will have CDMC as the ready platform for running the trial. Based on the relevance of the project and the funds available the consortium may be able to provide the seed grant for the investigator initiated studies. The consortium would act as facilitator for further funding. It will be imperative to obtain the IRB approval from all the collaborating centers before the initiation of the study.

The consortium will partner with a multitude of professionals; clinicians, basic scientists, biostatisticians, palliative care experts, clinical pharmacologists, clinical psychologists, nurses, experts from structural biology, chemistry, biotechnology artificial intelligence to drive the research in the most comprehensive manner.